The Linking Approach to Education from Gap Analysis to Outcomes

Med Learning Group, a division of Ultimate Medical Academy, is a full-service accredited medical education company. Med Learning Group focuses on developing and implementing continuing education that improves healthcare practitioners’ ability to provide optimal care to their patients. Our goal is to provide high-quality education that is designed to deliver the highest level of outcomes for not only the practitioner, but also the patient.

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Med Learning Group has expertise in developing both live and online activities that are innovative, case-based, interactive and patient-centric in nature.


Med Learning Group – People’s Choice Telly Awards Consideration


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We are happy to announce that Med Learning Group has two video clips under consideration for the 36th Annual People’s Choice Telly Awards. The Telly Awards are for creative excellence in a variety of industries including education. They are a chance to earn recognition from industry leaders, producers, and enthusiasts from around the world.

In the People’s Choice category, every vote counts! Please take two minutes to access the links below and help honor UMA/MLG’s work.

A 3-Dimensional View of Targeted Therapies
for Advanced Gastric Cancer


Treatment Minutes: Recognizing
and Managing Low Health Literacy in Primary Care



Med Learning Group White Paper




“Health Literacy and the Pivotal Role of CME in the National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Healthcare”

By: Matthew Frese, Christina Gallo, Andrew Grzybowski, Lori Hall, Helen Kostarides, and Lauren Welch

Each day in this country, adults confront health decisions that may have life-changing consequences. However, our ability to obtain and understand health information is severely inadequate. In fact, nearly nine out of ten adults in the United States have difficulty using health information that is routinely available.

We at Med Learning Group consider the current poor state of health literacy an epidemic that demands our collective attention. Without addressing the low health-literacy rate in the United States, we will not be able to provide the optimal quality of healthcare that all of us in the health professions are striving to achieve. We also believe that managing health literacy is integral to fulfilling the objectives of the National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Healthcare.



Med Learning Group Collaborations


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“Discovering Optimal Treatment Strategies for Type 2 Diabetes:
An EHR-Enabled Curriculum Focused on Clinical Performance Improvement,”

Med Learning Group’s enduring, online initiative developed in partnership with RealCME, a HealthCourse company, and Humedica, an Optum Company, has been accepted through the American Board of Internal Medicine’s (ABIM) Approved Quality Improvement (AQI) pathway and is eligible for 20 points towards the Self-Evaluation of Practice Assessment requirement of Maintenance of Certification (MOC).

This Performance Improvement-CME  program seeks to support and encourage a collaborative relationship between providers and patients and to efficiently develop treatment regimes targeted at patients’ individual glycemic needs, priorities and preferences.




Past Program Samples
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Virtual Poster

This innovative activity allows for the faculty to present the poster with video, animations and graphics for a format that truly brings the poster to life.

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This is an opportunity to follow the patient lifecycle and the history of disease management to provide the learner with the tools for optimizing care.

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The casebook is an interactive case-based journal that utilizes patient / physician video vignettes, charts, graphs and animation to engage the learner.

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Treatment Documentary

An online documentary format that includes: interviews with key faculty, patient / physician video vignettes and focus groups with the patient population.

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