Our focus is on demonstrating value to all stakeholders

Creating value is critical for each of our programs and initiatives. We identify value through an analysis of the data collected from the program, the feedback from faculty, participants and patients and a review of where this information fits into the current health landscape regarding the given therapeutic area. The program outcomes and the overall value proposition of the initiative are then shared with grantors, program faculty and any educational partners with whom we may have collaborated to complete the program. We share outcomes via a power point presentation with a customizable slide set.

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  • Evaluation
  • Pre and post-test
  • Case studies
  • Physician survey
  • Patient survey
  • Chart reviews
  • EMR data

Finally, it is important to note that Med Learning Group recognizes the importance of sharing the outcomes and overall value of our CME programming with our industry colleagues, the healthcare practitioner community and the general population. To this end, we are committed to writing articles and publishing the results of our collective educational initiatives in a timely and regular fashion.

  • I have been impressed with the attention to detail that is given to all projects. All are fully researched and strictly adhere to the most current CDC and scientific study data. The working relationship is superb. I have worked with several other CME companies and I have found Med Learning Group to be the best. Mary Koslap-Petraco, MS, PCP-C, CPNP
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    State University of New York
    Stony Brook School of Nursing
    Coordinator Child Health
    Suffolk County Department of Health Services,
    Hauppauge, New York

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