Increase competence, change behavior and optimize patient care

The mission of Med Learning Group is to design educational activities for healthcare practitioners that increase competence, change behavior, and optimize patient care. The focus of our education is to create innovative and interactive educational programs designed with scientific rigor, fair balance, and evidence-based content.

Med Learning Group emphasizes collaboration with academic and community-based hospitals, government agencies, medical associations, managed-care organizations, and other important stakeholders in the healthcare industry in order to provide pertinent educational activities that fill the educational gap for our relevant target audiences. Med Learning Group develops programming in a multitude of areas including oncology, neurology, psychiatry, infectious disease, immunology, cardiovascular, respiratory, ophthalmology, and transplant. These programs are designed in both live and enduring formats with special attention paid to interactivity and innovation.

The expected results for Med Learning Group are to:

  • Provide educational activities that lead to patient care optimization;
  • Provide scientific and interactive educational programs designed to improve practice-based skills;
  • Identify participant learning gaps to be addressed in our educational content;
  • Perform outcomes analyses on our educational initiatives that lead to a better understanding of healthcare practitioners’ educational gaps and demonstrate a measureable improvement in competence, behavior, or patient health, depending on the program design;
  • Ensure a clear link from the educational-gap analysis to the learning objectives through the anticipated outcomes of the educational program.
  • In my experience, Med Learning Group, with whom I’ve worked with for the last 5 years, has no equal. They take care of everything. Med Learning Group is very detailed oriented. Nothing falls through the cracks and everything is delivered right on time. Ronald Simon, MD
    Head of the Division of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology,
    Scripps Clinic,
    La Jolla, California

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